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Mission Statement


The Recreation Outdoors Coalition (ROC) promotes responsible access, multiple use, stewardship, tolerance and safety for those recreating on our public lands.  We support local, state and federal land management policies while advocating environmentally sustainable recreation use.


Specific Goals 

With increasing recreation use of our public lands and associated environmental concerns from unlawful activities, it is important to work collaboratively with public land management agencies on the solutions to these problems.   Specific goals of the Recreation Outdoors Coalition are:

  1. Assure reasonable public access exists on our public lands for a variety of recreation activities (both motorized and non-motorized).
  2. Collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies during the preparation of recreation plans and environmental analyses to ensure access issues are considered.  Represent local recreational interests during the planning process as requested.
  3. Ensure consistency between state and federal recreation policies with the priorities of County Boards of Supervisors and local interests.
  4. Disseminate information about responsible land stewardship, including Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace principles.
  5. Serve as a clearing house for volunteer recruitment and for organizing volunteer work parties for projects on public lands.
  6. Seek funding for recreational and interpretive projects on public lands.

ROC’s geographic focus is primarily the public lands in northeastern California and southern Oregon.

Recreation Outdoors Coalition
Recreation Outdoors Coalition


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